Saw Gin

The American Saw gin is regarded as the Original and most Superior machine on the market, past and present.

The Saw Gin stand uses the teeth of rotating saws to pull the cotton through a series of "ginning ribs", which pull the fibers from the seeds which are too large to pass through the ribs. The cleaned seed is then removed from the gin via an auger system. The bale press then compresses the cotton into bales for storage and shipping.

High Capacity

americott Combination of High Capacity and Quality, the saw gin is now in demand for all cotton grown countries.

Saw gins are used mostly for upland cotton; because of their higher production capacity they are more economical to operate.

Modern gins can process up to 15 tonnes (33,000 lb) of cotton per hour.

All in the design

americott Americott appreciate that not all clients can or want to operate at high speed but having the ability is what counts.

We design and build all our ginneries to allow complete flexible operation, so the ginner has control. Being able to dial up or down the production rate is a crucial component to cost saving and running a successful Gin.