Manufacturing Gin machinery is the origins of our journey. Gin owners operating dated equipment began to struggle to source machinery and spares. We found the perfect solution - manufacture it - the rest is history - We have manufactured gin machinery for a vast variety of projects across the world, building relationships with Govenments, International Corporations, Cotton Brokers and Private companies.


gin The basic design of the cotton gin has not changed since Eli Whitney days except now we move vast quantities of cotton around the ginnery. The amount of machinery required can become complex but AMERICOTT design and build with the operator in mind.

Built to reduce wear and tear on the equipment is vital to reduce the running costs and repair bills for the ginner. We are constantly improving the life of our spares passing the benefits to our clients.

Auxiliary Equipment

press The heart of any gin is the gin stands themselves but the auxilary equipment and its operation is vital to running a successful ginnery. The old saying a chain is only as strong as its weakest link is certainly true in ginning. It is important to ensure all equipment is equally matched and running at designed capacity.