Roller Gin

The Roller gin is used with longer staple cotton. The roller captures the cotton, a knife blade set close to the roller detaches the seeds by drawing them through teeth in circular saws and revolving brushes which clean them away.

High Capacity - USA

American High Capacity Roller Gin American High Capacity roller gins can efficiently replace older slower models, greatly reducing operating costs.

Six stands can easily produce the equivalent production of 40 - 60 roller stands.

American Hi-Capacity roller gins popularity is declining due to the demand for the faster Saw Gin.

Americott is experienced in all aspects of the machinery and can design ginneries to suit any requirements. Past projects have involved building a combination gin, having both Saw and Roller gin stands.

Double Roller

British Roller Gin The Double Roller Gins are still used today in some countries, considered gentler on the cotton fibres, low capacity means a large number of machines are required. Typical arrangements of 40 stands give a limited production, therefore multiple ginneries are required in growing regions.