Design Service

American Gin machinery is the best in the World, but the gins are designed and built to process American grown cotton.

If a Gin is to be re-located to another country, then it will have to be designed to meet the specification of that cotton production.

Our unique service incorporates a full re-design and we take into consideration all aspects of the new location parameters and specific requirements.

During this process, sections of the equipment may be moved in the layout and various alterations made to suit. New products are constructed to adapt the machinery into the design plans, creating the perfect Ginnery for the new location.

It is all in the Detail

americott Every detail is planned and scheduled.

Detailed plans are produced for the foundations of the factory showing machinery layout, piping flow and electical schematics. Each item from the smallest nut to the largest piece of machinery is numbered and catalogued so at every stage of the process it can be located, tracked and found. Containers are packed in a particular sequence to coincide with the order of installation requirements hence knowing where every component is on site.

Future Plans incorporated

americott Americott Gins are designed with production as the main focus, we work on the basis that upgrades may be required in the future. We therefore build into the plans scope for increase so as to reduce the expansion costs later.